a mirage

“when I turn my back

and watch closely..

the ladders of my life, i stepped up..

the queue of incidents .. happened to me

I find myself

weaving dreams

to fly very high

struggling every moment

and yet watching myself

drowning ..

into the deep ocean of tears

and failure ..

It showed a streak of hope..

every time

shining like gold..

hope for the fulfillment

of the desires

I could see myself

trying hard

to clutch the momentary joys

to save laughter for long

and to win

yet deceived by fate

feeling emptiness and dryness of hope

and when

I killed all my dreams ..

for next step..

I could watch life

to con me again

with a fresh desire

to smile again..

and when I know .. what game it played

yet ..

I cant recognize

what is it in me?

so filling and positive?

a surge of new hope

for some thing better..

I cant help it..

even if I know

it is self deception


it is..

a mirage”