Poetry, Song

A purpose


Early rising

Post late sleep charm..

Disturbing dreams

By cockatoo alarm

Rush start of

A day full of plans

Guiding instructions…

From a tree to a plant

Run…. run

And feel dork,

Forget life in

Work, work and work.

That twist in the back

That pain in the neck

That wrench in your wrist

That prick on your nerve

That crick in your shoulder

That sprain in the ankle

That strain in your eyes

Signs are visible

Unhappy soul

Begetting problems


In mood


Overflowing emotions




Breaking bones

Cracking knuckles

Fail organs


Yet very fast.

The happiness is a purpose,

A purpose is full life..

Find it today and live till it lasts..



“when I never had met you before..” – Song

once upon a time,

when I never had met you before…

I used to live in a place ever seen..

where the trees and the flowers,

and the moon and the stars,

danced with streams,

waterfalls and  the lake ..

where the birds and bees

used to twirl and sing,

taking break…

where souls from the world

of the most divine ..

floated to earth …

to rest

from the bottom deepest

released their energies ..

with their magic outbreak..

where they built, of wonders

A world…

unknown to the most ..

that one could not see

with the material eyes ..

the untouched soil,

the unsung words,

the unheard music,

the unseen life ..

I witnessed,  I touched

As an integral, interwoven

part of the craft

All I assure I was..

in almost near to a dream

bloomed every bud made me feel

there I was always..full of life

full of zeal

Apart ..

once it broke

like I was out of a spell cast

when I jumped from the crest

fallen to a test

the hardest quest ..

the day I saw me turning plastic eyes

metal witnessed gravity

of sinful magma

human greed

loveless chest

with I fought everyday,

I tried to return ..

couldn’t revive


till the day I saw you…

in this new world of unknown

I could bet

I was a piece of a craft

A mannequin ..

turned dark to sun

dummy in transition to skin

lending life to the dead

curvy smiles creating pits

on those cheeks

like the shiny pink river in my land streaks

mesmerized I walked on

after..what I had had a glimpse of,

from the day I had felt my heart..

have never dreamt..

never felt..

never believed on.. a fact

or a lie..

that I never had met you before…




‘morning perfection’ – a song

A coalition



smiling faces and

morning perfection..


just a look and

life sweetened

strong attraction

morning perfection


soul touching – heart beating

body trembling

blood threatening

played emotions

in such condition

love poured,

joy filled in

right proportion

morning perfection


coming over the days darkened

every moment

when dreams broken

keeping promise

in the worsened

my hand in your hand

morning perfection


its’ just you and me

against the world of

humane – inhumane


my eyes and your vision

your mouth and my words

my body, your pain

your heart and my strength

you believe, I believe

you live and relieve

me in distress..


distrusted my world

tuned with jingles

of motivation, inspiration..

is it a power

to empower

many lives in just seconds




deep love ..

within hearts

morning perfection…


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