Poetry, Ponder

Little did you know that..

Did you know about wait?

Did you ever know patience?

Did you know about fate?

Did you know the act?

Did you ever heard of “the fact”?

That it’s never a fact, it’s not real,

It’s an Act.

Act of chance.

Act of fate.

A test,

That you fail or pass;

A riddle,

That you solve or quit;

A war,

That you win or lose;

The luck,

That you grab or slide;

The hope,

That you hold on to,

Or let go of;


What you do is all YOU.

Your thoughts and feelings,

Your Interpretation,

And choices,

Life that you live is YOU.

Did you know yourself?

Did you know the cause?

Did you know “it’s you”?

YOU, cause of all?


You mark your choices,

You opt for your pain,

As you vote for family,

You dote on your foes.

Your desires, and emotions,

Attract commotion.

You think you don’t know anything,

You don’t know what game you are in,

You shatter, you flutter,

You clutter, you shutter,

Did you know?

The fate is tailored;

The act is framed;

The life is moulded every minute,

By your thoughts and actions.

It is endless cycle of pure indulgence.

When you can’t understand,

Ignorance is bliss;

What you can’t see,

Is not there;

When you can’t reform,

You shift the blame;

Little did you know that

YOU are the game..






What you see when

You see that image

That… in the mirror?

Do you see broken lines

Are they pieces of glass,

Or flakes of your blue skin?

Or imaginary, all of it;

What are those cracks?

From which you see

Red-green wine creeped up

All over your head and feet

Is it mirror-play

Or self doubt?

Illusion formed by half-truth?

Or Dream erected by half-vision?

Struggle within to seek truth,

Sprouted senselessness

Scattered soul

In reality is a pity;

Cried out solution

long forgone

Orchestrated stage yet singing alone?

What makes you see that image?

An impression?

A vision, a short sight?

A glimpse of you in trouble?

A disbanded self?


Impure, Imperfect,

Chained, fortified,

Vulnerable, broken

A dispelled self?

Snap out of it!

Leave that fortress,

The courage, The light,

The holy idea of life,

Oh dissolving self, just bring it up!

Have desire, have faith,

Believe in your built,

And your bones,

Trust your character,

And your soul.

The creeps, the damp,

The mold sprouts,

The imaginary maps

Of unending doubts,

The Cold;

Will not swallow

Your scorching insides.

Burn darkness,

Blaze the hope,

Fire up your heart and nerve,

Bruise, Rub, grill your body,

Let it not dampen you

Even for a sec;

Warm up, burn up

Until you see the cleanse,

Until you find a way,

A way that preserves

Your heat, your grit;

A path that leads you

To the beautiful self

The mighty one,

The solid and sought,

To the warm,

To the tough,






Unpin today..

What is it?

A framework?

Or a piece of art?

A fated timeline

Of sheer creativity?

A planned theme

Or a well written play?

Why am I pinned into it again?

Dancing or mourning

Over pre-scripted scene;

Whether I sing or cry

The playlist is unseen;

I don’t move

My brain stops

As if I am played too

Over a pre-determined game.

Is the result out already?

Who would be the winner?

I am thinking without

Knowing a way-out clear.

I don’t know until when this would be

Is it for now or forever?

Walk over roads

That are Perfect-round,

Bewildered, pipe-Jammed

Yet not beaten;

Moving in circle of life

I am back to square.

My past and future are non-existent

My present is time-struck;

Still I am ageing.

Time grin.


There was no end of such trails

Even in past..

When I was still like a mast;

All I had learned..

Led me nowhere

Until I saw a marker,

A marker,

A symptom,

A symbol,

A signal,

An alarm,

A warning,

A chaos,

An opportunity,

A big buzz, that shook me away..

That snapped out of me,

and penetrated me with a spear,

I bled yet all my ignorance washed away,

With a fresh bloodstream;

I gained the secret of life,

A secret of acceptance,

A secret of diligence,

A relation between stillness and turbulence;

No matter what you think,

Life is one step ahead of you,

Playing with you with a string..;

If you win it today it is not forever,

Giving up blurs vision, and you are pushed to dark..

It’s a trial every day and you cannot give up.

I won in past,

My fight was with myself,

I will win now as it is me again.


Every time,

And again..

When I am stuck and pinned,

I know these tempests would swirl over me,

To free me, to get rid of me,

In order to protect me again,

Just like today,

I will unpin..

Myself to re-align,

To bring balance,

I will rise.

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Imperfect is I’m-Perfect

I had dreams

I saw them everyday with eyes opened

Climbing top,

Crossing over Horizon;

But, I failed instead,

I couldn’t complete

what I had planned for,

I got struck, I had to stop,

I fell down,


I reached somewhere else.

This was something

Out of blue

I never intended

But I pursued;

I found a new world,

Not as in my dreams

Different, terrifying, life changing;

I went through all kinds,

I felt numb yet connected within,

I felt transit joy,

It was grown within the soul,

Now I learnt to live in dark with more light

The relaxed conscience with inner plight…

But to the people and to the world,

I am yet no different from the failure,

For I could not do what I said,

They do not see what I had achieved

Because they just see and not think,

They do not share my world with me

They never ask what I feel..

They fail to understand my reasons

Because they think I was not capable..

Everyday when I see them pointing

I only want to say that

I am not different from any successful

I just see things differently

Now I see life with more gratitude,

I see failure like opportunities,

Abundance of mistakes

Gives me a purpose

To live and strive again

To prove myself

Yet again with a different approach

With detachment to a goal

With an achievement in incompleteness

With utter bliss in imperfection.




Poetry, Song

A purpose


Early rising

Post late sleep charm..

Disturbing dreams

By cockatoo alarm

Rush start of

A day full of plans

Guiding instructions…

From a tree to a plant

Run…. run

And feel dork,

Forget life in

Work, work and work.

That twist in the back

That pain in the neck

That wrench in your wrist

That prick on your nerve

That crick in your shoulder

That sprain in the ankle

That strain in your eyes

Signs are visible

Unhappy soul

Begetting problems


In mood


Overflowing emotions




Breaking bones

Cracking knuckles

Fail organs


Yet very fast.

The happiness is a purpose,

A purpose is full life..

Find it today and live till it lasts..



‘U’ turn

Now is time

To prepare,

To wrap up,

Let go of thoughts

That let you hold up

For so long;

Break the cage,

The wall

Refuse old guards

Let the self be

At fire.

Turn all eyes to the light

At the centre of heat,

Let it melt away

The cold heart.

Allow it to burn off

The anger, resentment,

The longing to go back in time

To change the past;

Let it rub your ignorance

To show you the shining way;

Let it shatter your belief

In pieces

To rearrange, reset,


Let it shake you off

To stabilise.

To free your soul from exile

To re-colonise;

Now is time

To welcome

New journey,

New wheels,

New propellers,

New wings..


Now is time

For a ‘U’ turn.





An Ode to the Night

A huge pile of glow-worm

Or a mountain on fire

I could see dim lights from afar

In the dark.

Rooted, studded,


Choked in spell

Felt succumbed

No back, no forth

Unable to move I felt numb.

I could hardly breathe

With my pounding heart

Pulsed my presence

In blinking glow-worms

Witnessing them mock,

Grin and prick

Kept me alive.

I watched over whole night

The dimming,

Disappearing mountain.

Long spent in the darkest

In those hours, more sensitive I became

To the dimmest fluttering

Quenching of the tiniest molecule of light.

All I could remind of

Time, when I couldn’t feel the core

Time, when I could only bear

One more second to snuff off

The light of my life.

Then, I saw it dawned,

I never moved until

I felt oppressive heat through the pores

Heated my blood caused a boil in temper

The fervour took off the chill from the dead

The warmth took a while to clamp the soul.

From the winters to the spring,

From the mountains to the lakes,

An eye opening journey

From the moonlight to the sunlight.

Illuminated my soul filled with gratitude

To a place where “the light” scales to the loftiest

And stays in glory;

That starts null, ends up queerly full,

That teaches you value of life;

Virtue of a fire fighter.

My learned nervousness bowing towards

The tiniest of the light, the favour, the kindness.

To everything that brings me

Back to the ground, to the fighting me,

To the dark, to “The Night”.

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Indifferent my mind

Chooses the path

You patch,

Opens the door

You brick;

In this shower

My tear

Be nectar,

Drunken my soul

Dissolves comfort in pain;

Words of my mouth

Produce silence,

In this conversation

Music transfers through

Air particles;

Neither still

Nor vibrating

Settled in utter bliss

My soul

Dives deep

And fountains up

To shower over the universe

In a new form

With new hopes;

Is this what I desired?

Or what I was born for?

Whirling melting in storms,

Taking new shapes,

Never stopping by,

For my ultimate;

Horsing towards

Light ‘ever’,

Life to me is ‘now’

A destination-crossed path;

Glued in love,

I hover over..

To complete the cycle

From clouds to soil,

Earth to Sky,

With the winged soul

In bliss..





Let your fear..

The times

You see no moves,

No judgements 

No reactions to 

The done,

The said;


You hold on to

The well carved 

Expressions over 

The unimagined,


And Outrageous;

You let win


Over loss-of-fear

Fear that split

Chained connections


Your existence;


Let your fear choose,

Let it interfere,

Let it be wary about

Your weaknesses,

Your mistakes,

And you, the vulnerable;

Let it dig deep

In search of died filaments

Of love, 

Let it magnify 

Volume of 

Those layered,

pressed emotions;

Before they freeze you 

To white and grey

Before they dry out 

The red warm fountain

That showers 

Deep within

Over the land of heart;

Let your fear guard

The heat 

That melts cold ink,

Decode unread,

Decipher unheard,




mere one..



blink of your

eyes; nodding; aspirant feet

hopping; hurling; hurriedly rushing 

horses to horizon; couldn’t see you staggering;

struggling to propel the air, swing high and catch

holding up on patience, silently questionably,

fluttering eyes; stopped blinking for the

time, the space where dreams

thrust upon shadow

of hope




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