Poetry, Ponder

Little did you know that..

Did you know about wait?

Did you ever know patience?

Did you know about fate?

Did you know the act?

Did you ever heard of “the fact”?

That it’s never a fact, it’s not real,

It’s an Act.

Act of chance.

Act of fate.

A test,

That you fail or pass;

A riddle,

That you solve or quit;

A war,

That you win or lose;

The luck,

That you grab or slide;

The hope,

That you hold on to,

Or let go of;


What you do is all YOU.

Your thoughts and feelings,

Your Interpretation,

And choices,

Life that you live is YOU.

Did you know yourself?

Did you know the cause?

Did you know “it’s you”?

YOU, cause of all?


You mark your choices,

You opt for your pain,

As you vote for family,

You dote on your foes.

Your desires, and emotions,

Attract commotion.

You think you don’t know anything,

You don’t know what game you are in,

You shatter, you flutter,

You clutter, you shutter,

Did you know?

The fate is tailored;

The act is framed;

The life is moulded every minute,

By your thoughts and actions.

It is endless cycle of pure indulgence.

When you can’t understand,

Ignorance is bliss;

What you can’t see,

Is not there;

When you can’t reform,

You shift the blame;

Little did you know that

YOU are the game..