What you see when

You see that image

That… in the mirror?

Do you see broken lines

Are they pieces of glass,

Or flakes of your blue skin?

Or imaginary, all of it;

What are those cracks?

From which you see

Red-green wine creeped up

All over your head and feet

Is it mirror-play

Or self doubt?

Illusion formed by half-truth?

Or Dream erected by half-vision?

Struggle within to seek truth,

Sprouted senselessness

Scattered soul

In reality is a pity;

Cried out solution

long forgone

Orchestrated stage yet singing alone?

What makes you see that image?

An impression?

A vision, a short sight?

A glimpse of you in trouble?

A disbanded self?


Impure, Imperfect,

Chained, fortified,

Vulnerable, broken

A dispelled self?

Snap out of it!

Leave that fortress,

The courage, The light,

The holy idea of life,

Oh dissolving self, just bring it up!

Have desire, have faith,

Believe in your built,

And your bones,

Trust your character,

And your soul.

The creeps, the damp,

The mold sprouts,

The imaginary maps

Of unending doubts,

The Cold;

Will not swallow

Your scorching insides.

Burn darkness,

Blaze the hope,

Fire up your heart and nerve,

Bruise, Rub, grill your body,

Let it not dampen you

Even for a sec;

Warm up, burn up

Until you see the cleanse,

Until you find a way,

A way that preserves

Your heat, your grit;

A path that leads you

To the beautiful self

The mighty one,

The solid and sought,

To the warm,

To the tough,