Unpin today..

What is it?

A framework?

Or a piece of art?

A fated timeline

Of sheer creativity?

A planned theme

Or a well written play?

Why am I pinned into it again?

Dancing or mourning

Over pre-scripted scene;

Whether I sing or cry

The playlist is unseen;

I don’t move

My brain stops

As if I am played too

Over a pre-determined game.

Is the result out already?

Who would be the winner?

I am thinking without

Knowing a way-out clear.

I don’t know until when this would be

Is it for now or forever?

Walk over roads

That are Perfect-round,

Bewildered, pipe-Jammed

Yet not beaten;

Moving in circle of life

I am back to square.

My past and future are non-existent

My present is time-struck;

Still I am ageing.

Time grin.


There was no end of such trails

Even in past..

When I was still like a mast;

All I had learned..

Led me nowhere

Until I saw a marker,

A marker,

A symptom,

A symbol,

A signal,

An alarm,

A warning,

A chaos,

An opportunity,

A big buzz, that shook me away..

That snapped out of me,

and penetrated me with a spear,

I bled yet all my ignorance washed away,

With a fresh bloodstream;

I gained the secret of life,

A secret of acceptance,

A secret of diligence,

A relation between stillness and turbulence;

No matter what you think,

Life is one step ahead of you,

Playing with you with a string..;

If you win it today it is not forever,

Giving up blurs vision, and you are pushed to dark..

It’s a trial every day and you cannot give up.

I won in past,

My fight was with myself,

I will win now as it is me again.


Every time,

And again..

When I am stuck and pinned,

I know these tempests would swirl over me,

To free me, to get rid of me,

In order to protect me again,

Just like today,

I will unpin..

Myself to re-align,

To bring balance,

I will rise.

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