Imperfect is I’m-Perfect

I had dreams

I saw them everyday with eyes opened

Climbing top,

Crossing over Horizon;

But, I failed instead,

I couldn’t complete

what I had planned for,

I got struck, I had to stop,

I fell down,


I reached somewhere else.

This was something

Out of blue

I never intended

But I pursued;

I found a new world,

Not as in my dreams

Different, terrifying, life changing;

I went through all kinds,

I felt numb yet connected within,

I felt transit joy,

It was grown within the soul,

Now I learnt to live in dark with more light

The relaxed conscience with inner plight…

But to the people and to the world,

I am yet no different from the failure,

For I could not do what I said,

They do not see what I had achieved

Because they just see and not think,

They do not share my world with me

They never ask what I feel..

They fail to understand my reasons

Because they think I was not capable..

Everyday when I see them pointing

I only want to say that

I am not different from any successful

I just see things differently

Now I see life with more gratitude,

I see failure like opportunities,

Abundance of mistakes

Gives me a purpose

To live and strive again

To prove myself

Yet again with a different approach

With detachment to a goal

With an achievement in incompleteness

With utter bliss in imperfection.




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