Imperfect is I’m-Perfect

I had dreams

I saw them everyday with eyes opened

Climbing top,

Crossing over Horizon;

But, I failed instead,

I couldn’t complete

what I had planned for,

I got struck, I had to stop,

I fell down,


I reached somewhere else.

This was something

Out of blue

I never intended

But I pursued;

I found a new world,

Not as in my dreams

Different, terrifying, life changing;

I went through all kinds,

I felt numb yet connected within,

I felt transit joy,

It was grown within the soul,

Now I learnt to live in dark with more light

The relaxed conscience with inner plight…

But to the people and to the world,

I am yet no different from the failure,

For I could not do what I said,

They do not see what I had achieved

Because they just see and not think,

They do not share my world with me

They never ask what I feel..

They fail to understand my reasons

Because they think I was not capable..

Everyday when I see them pointing

I only want to say that

I am not different from any successful

I just see things differently

Now I see life with more gratitude,

I see failure like opportunities,

Abundance of mistakes

Gives me a purpose

To live and strive again

To prove myself

Yet again with a different approach

With detachment to a goal

With an achievement in incompleteness

With utter bliss in imperfection.




Poetry, Song

A purpose


Early rising

Post late sleep charm..

Disturbing dreams

By cockatoo alarm

Rush start of

A day full of plans

Guiding instructions…

From a tree to a plant

Run…. run

And feel dork,

Forget life in

Work, work and work.

That twist in the back

That pain in the neck

That wrench in your wrist

That prick on your nerve

That crick in your shoulder

That sprain in the ankle

That strain in your eyes

Signs are visible

Unhappy soul

Begetting problems


In mood


Overflowing emotions




Breaking bones

Cracking knuckles

Fail organs


Yet very fast.

The happiness is a purpose,

A purpose is full life..

Find it today and live till it lasts..