‘U’ turn

Now is time

To prepare,

To wrap up,

Let go of thoughts

That let you hold up

For so long;

Break the cage,

The wall

Refuse old guards

Let the self be

At fire.

Turn all eyes to the light

At the centre of heat,

Let it melt away

The cold heart.

Allow it to burn off

The anger, resentment,

The longing to go back in time

To change the past;

Let it rub your ignorance

To show you the shining way;

Let it shatter your belief

In pieces

To rearrange, reset,


Let it shake you off

To stabilise.

To free your soul from exile

To re-colonise;

Now is time

To welcome

New journey,

New wheels,

New propellers,

New wings..


Now is time

For a ‘U’ turn.