An Ode to the Night

A huge pile of glow-worm

Or a mountain on fire

I could see dim lights from afar

In the dark.

Rooted, studded,


Choked in spell

Felt succumbed

No back, no forth

Unable to move I felt numb.

I could hardly breathe

With my pounding heart

Pulsed my presence

In blinking glow-worms

Witnessing them mock,

Grin and prick

Kept me alive.

I watched over whole night

The dimming,

Disappearing mountain.

Long spent in the darkest

In those hours, more sensitive I became

To the dimmest fluttering

Quenching of the tiniest molecule of light.

All I could remind of

Time, when I couldn’t feel the core

Time, when I could only bear

One more second to snuff off

The light of my life.

Then, I saw it dawned,

I never moved until

I felt oppressive heat through the pores

Heated my blood caused a boil in temper

The fervour took off the chill from the dead

The warmth took a while to clamp the soul.

From the winters to the spring,

From the mountains to the lakes,

An eye opening journey

From the moonlight to the sunlight.

Illuminated my soul filled with gratitude

To a place where “the light” scales to the loftiest

And stays in glory;

That starts null, ends up queerly full,

That teaches you value of life;

Virtue of a fire fighter.

My learned nervousness bowing towards

The tiniest of the light, the favour, the kindness.

To everything that brings me

Back to the ground, to the fighting me,

To the dark, to “The Night”.

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