Let your fear..

The times

You see no moves,

No judgements 

No reactions to 

The done,

The said;


You hold on to

The well carved 

Expressions over 

The unimagined,


And Outrageous;

You let win


Over loss-of-fear

Fear that split

Chained connections


Your existence;


Let your fear choose,

Let it interfere,

Let it be wary about

Your weaknesses,

Your mistakes,

And you, the vulnerable;

Let it dig deep

In search of died filaments

Of love, 

Let it magnify 

Volume of 

Those layered,

pressed emotions;

Before they freeze you 

To white and grey

Before they dry out 

The red warm fountain

That showers 

Deep within

Over the land of heart;

Let your fear guard

The heat 

That melts cold ink,

Decode unread,

Decipher unheard,



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