Thy morning is knowing thyself

“Morning in a glimpse..

is dawning gold;

is dew dropping by the petals;

is scrunch of wet green blades;

is soil fresh fragrance;

is chirp of young birds learning flying;

is squeal of a new born opening eyes.

morning in the soul..

is music of the words never said;

is a revelation of mystery they hid;

is freedom from the shackles;

is shower of new openings.

morning in the life..

is indifferently planting seeds of good;

is expecting null in return;

is connecting to the universe;

is new beginning;

is rising of consciousness;

is light of a thousand Suns;

is quenching thirst of knowing the world;

thy morning is knowing thyself …”


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“Timeless you and me”

A breath long moment;

Logged, I waited

My breath to complete

It’s a breath long journey

It took years discreet.


Heart so filled, pouring;

With those starry eyes

You touched my soul

In one smile

My world consoled.


Timeless it was like a dream;

Or it shall truly be real someday?

After a shadow aghast I ran

A breath, no sign of you

Left me shunned.


Glimpse of you shone;

Or it was shadow of past

Or the future, or a precast

Attending every breath I was..

Readily I still was… till last.


Timeless you and me,

Inconspicuously creative;

We weave a castle by a thread,

Now or ever it doesn’t matter

Together we decipher the unsaid.

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