I count on my steps

A path full of dark

A quest for the spark

I move ahead

I count on my steps

And I count on my steps.

I need to carry on

I pretend, I can hold on..

Keep my oil, store the water

Hold the air, hold the matter

I keep listening thunders

I keep dragging feet

Through darkest storms,

By mud and grudge

I keep galloping stones

When it shines over bridge

When it drips every sight

That showers from the height

Clouds’ canopy on my head

Moon plays to hide

I count on my steps.

When it gets too dark

When there is no light

When I feel it’s over

And eyes see no sight

When I stretch on my fuel,

When I count on my steps

I hear a voice

I see the eastern sun

I hold all pain

And suffering together

I feel the healing

I had longed forever

I now see my soul

Shooting upright

Gleaming it in

The fire inside

I feel it so full

It feels so wide

I can stretch to the poles

Crossing light-years

My unconscious soul

I dance with Sun and

Sing with moonlight

I can stay with chaos

And shake with delight

I am certain with the fact

That peace is inside.

Yet every day I pray

For power and spark

That keeps me moving

That keeps me alive.

My enlightened centre

A beacon, a guide

My toughest puts me in brilliant ties

Entrusting my core,

counts on my path.

And I count on my steps..

I count on my steps.