“Truth of the dreams”

The dream of last night
I witnessed like real sight
I was dragged to the window
I took a flight like kite

I felt my hands turned wings
On some feathers grown white
They took me to sky, higher than high
Above the clouds so bright

It infused me with magic
Like a potion, my soul drunken
Absorbed into the nature
I felt like a glittering icon

I shone through edges
I felt like a diamond
Hardened to roots
Yet chores softened

I travelled to a universe
I never of imagined
Folded my words
Where wings opened

Where senses felt
Depth of history
I saw what I had read
Coming through mystery

I saw everything
That I could ever ask for
I saw my soul at indefinable heights
That anyone could ever behold

Forever I shall remember
This power and zeal
A woman’s will, whenever broken
Repairs her shield

On the night’s projections
The day enacts and gleams
Mesmerized I learnt
The truth of the dreams

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