“Truth of the dreams”

The dream of last night
I witnessed like real sight
I was dragged to the window
I took a flight like kite

I felt my hands turned wings
On some feathers grown white
They took me to sky, higher than high
Above the clouds so bright

It infused me with magic
Like a potion, my soul drunken
Absorbed into the nature
I felt like a glittering icon

I shone through edges
I felt like a diamond
Hardened to roots
Yet chores softened

I travelled to a universe
I never of imagined
Folded my words
Where wings opened

Where senses felt
Depth of history
I saw what I had read
Coming through mystery

I saw everything
That I could ever ask for
I saw my soul at indefinable heights
That anyone could ever behold

Forever I shall remember
This power and zeal
A woman’s will, whenever broken
Repairs her shield

On the night’s projections
The day enacts and gleams
Mesmerized I learnt
The truth of the dreams

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“Hold this Stillness”

My heart slowed down
When I listened to whispers
Of conversation that heart had
With one’s disapproval’s child
Disagreed to disperse
Injected life in the wave indifferent
A particle of doubt was enough
To block its way to transcendent.

For my heart shrunk
It absorbed fluid
That only fed thoughts
Around its horizon
Emotional turbulence shook it
Shrinking it begot weaknesses
Distrust diffused toxins
Unkindness and distrust
Left the cubicle vacant.

A little friendly force
Unwanted thrust me hard
The urge to revive
Furrowed me deep
Dragged me from hallucination
Removed layers
From those eyes that filmed over
Haze, mist, sand, fog and
The clouds crescent.

That lighthouse
That saves the ship
With shine and warmth heals the holes
Clears the filth of stern and bow
Brings it back to sea floor
Lathers it spreads new vibes on old waves
Holding the vessel in tempest,
It mumbles to never quit and
To hold this “stillness” within, till the end.

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When you live it today!  

Unacceptable are

Those forbidden lies

Once spoken

Crunches the spirit

Every night


Indescribable are

Those ingrown jealousies

Knocked on once

Knocks brain out

On ground of reality


Inaccessible are

The shine that mornings wish for

Sleep that nights crave for

Dreams that birds fly for

Desire that

Once enters into soul

Leaves with soul


Irreversible are

The blown wind,

The passed storm

The empty cloud

The dried leaves of oak

The withered petals of roses

The last hour,

The ticked tacked clock

Once done,

Never undone


Only stays

The “moment in present”,

That refines all guilt,

Filters the mistakes from the sin;

Unshackles you from history

Gives chance to rethink, regret,

Redo, relive,

Create, nurture and regain

The new you inside out

Every other day

When you live it today!