Paint ye today!

Paint ye paint!

Your world every day,

Paint ye today!

Draw the lines of connection

Of hearts

Give a shade of love,


In the blank sheets,

Paint ye today!

Fill the colour of trust

In the canvas

Of thee strange minds,

Clean up the dirt

Light up the faded

Landscapes of memories,

The dimmed portrays,

Hold up to the big strokes

Of your brush

To refurbish

The sculpture

Paint ye today!

A touch up

To enliven the past

In the present

Can carve it,

Emboss it,

Shape it for tomorrow

Paint ye today!

Brush it

To spruce it up

With new colours

Of nature

Of real world,

Mix with water of innocence

Oil of easiness, smiles and kindness

And cast in the universe

To free up

The locked

Desire to paint

Me soul revives life

Revitalize the source of joys

Replenish me energy

Restore me hopes

Revive me mind

Remind me repaint

What I painted


Renovate today

To rejuvenate tomorrow

Paint ye today!

Passion___Wallpaper_by_pincel3d-5 6a00d8341c6a0853ef017c37142b30970b Brushstrokes_in_joy_by_darkm4rk