“What is that String?”

A string
in many colours,
colours of love,
of desire to love again,
that increases
every second.
String that tied strong
without strangling,
without confusing,
that holds us
in the toughest times,

that balances
unstable state of minds.

String that connects
soul to souls,
earth to universe.

String that we can’t see
the weakest of all,
can still hold the toughest.

we can see it..

In a baby’s laughter,
when the baby knows father will catch,
when she is thrown in the sky.

In a son’s eyes,
when he knows mother will feed him,
when he is hungry.

On a sister’s face when she knows,
her brother is there to share and help,
when no one is there.

Not only in human
But in every creature,
in every living
and non living,
the string draws
the connection.
A string made web
that blankets the universe
with the energy to flow
to think
to feel
to live
to act
to desire

to connect
the disconnected.
The string that binds acts
and lines up present with
future happenings,
that gives rise
to the utmost desire
to live and gleam
even in the darkest nights.
What is that string?
that is ‘Trust’
Isn’t it?