“Seed of life”

A seed,

that turned into

a vital tree,

has magnum of power

than a granule of dust

that contributed in a castle

a seed ..

that our soil of motherland

needed to sow

to grow trust

in all breeds

a seed

a land ever looked for

a seed

to hatch

to brood over

to believe to see

gushing out blood

from bottom to tips

spurting out courage

to fight

to drag dirt to pit

to kiss flag of truth

to run to prove and solve

the mystery of this race

to quench the thirst

of ages, of births

to eternally learn

to sustain and to merge

to know when to born or

when to die


to stop this cycle..

or to live or to die


there needed a seed

seed of forgiveness

that has grown more trees

that had begotten

another seed.. of trust

that we digged out


we lost hundred times

that we again took birth for

and left those bodies for

a lesson of self trust

or to distrust elements,

in worldly matter

that seed we could not see

was visible

even to a blind

that was felt without even a touch

t’was always a choice

to learn, to know

to sow and to water

that seed

seed of love


was the seed ….. of life.

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