stop playing magnet

your brain

a magnet

to the ore

to the filth

the waste

the brown matter

that have had your soul


to uncleaned core

to had you shaped

completely into new metal

a body

attached through

wires, filaments

sucking fuel

of fear, jealousy

insecure it developed

your centre

reactant to each wave


it made your centre

like a pool of magma

melting every fresh bud of desire

and dream

and turning into ashes


listen hey!

listen to the chants and prayers

coming through

chain of ignited souls

cool down your burning centre

receive the healing

through your veins

free your soul

from the chains

free from fake belief

this is a cage

that kept you apart from

every seed of empowerment

and enlightenment

come out of that metal

and train your senses

to feel touch of air

to listen to the eternal song

to taste love for all

to smell the freedom

to see the world

with new eyes

and to train always


stop playing magnet.


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