one day..

from those..

half opened,

half closed eyes

you saw

when I began trembling

while sitting

with jammed feet

You read my nerve

through my eyes


T’was a sign

to not knock my heart

but to slowly make space

to come closer everyday

but to keep little apart

to try

but to hold your words


you saw

when you spoke of your dreams

very first time

I laughed …

at my dreams

unknown of the after effects

of my heart out

I first time thought to open up

the door

that leads

to the core..

core of my heart,

my desires,

my passion

my simplicity

which was complex for everyone


I did know

one day


one will come


I won’t have to struggle much

with my tongue to spell,

to see it twisted and tangled

in the dialogues and gist

I knew

my silence would be absorbed

I would be choked with surprise…

when my eyes would be read

my face would be traced

I won’t be able to hide

all my plans

when one knows

what’s happening

in my heart, in my mind

and the day

I won’t have to pretend

what I am not…

the day..

one would make me realize

how precious I was for me

and for the one

like a gem

shining in heart and in the eyes

of mine and of that..



In a fact

which I had never believed

that everyone

has to wait for

that day

to turn dream real

one day..