RIP #MH370 passengers

What actually had happened in the air? What they all had been through at their toughest? No one can imagine their sufferings and what they ever had to speak to their closed ones at that far?
No sight evidence of the happening, no clue what had ignited the fire, what had jammed all communication system and why they had not had even a moment to leave their trace?
Sigh! They left everyone of us sad with lots of questions.
These sort of incidents had happened in history but who will believe after all technology developments, science and researches, when we are at the verge of entering into the robotic era, we cannot answer what had happened to an airship full of people again?
Have we really technologically achieved that optimal stage where we can trust on solutions with lesser risks? When we won’t have to compromise our lives to understand how dangerously we have become dependent on this?

RIP #MH370 passengers. May God give their families strength to bear with this pain. Hope the Govt.would compensate to them. Hope any one can ever heal this pain.

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“You’re the Sky”

Let go

of the kite – yellow

that attracted eyes

from the willow

hanging with

a string on its branch


pretty yellow, so bright

symbol of power

full of life, full of air

tried flying high

went higher

with every stroke of opposite wind

inspired I stared, tried to touch

I tried to hold, to fly with it

to go sky high

there another dream

or reality

waking up early

watching willow

I heard a thunder of

storm coming

It started raining

I wanted to protect

I wanted to grasp the bright

in my arms folded

to keep it for a sunny day


but it was too far

out of my reach

still it flapped to go up

knew it would tear it apart

soon it would fade its shine


Oh for that moment,

I stretched longer, harder,

hardest ..grabbed

how vulnerable it was

in my hands

yet fluttering, flapping

to go up

denying all possibilities

to pause, to be stationed

Freed my hands

off the string, off yellow

I saw it gliding, waving up

hovering down.. and again up

it seemed brightest

in the light of the thunderbolt

in the infinity of images

reflected through the rain drops

I was enlightened

to the darkest

every corner and particle

in my body was lit

I was…

a lamp inside


that yellow bolted me

to never fuse

to never quit

a desire hit me

to believe what I ever wanted

to trust my eternal soul

to not count limits

when it says,

“You’re the sky.”

child-flying-a-kite-at-sunset fd paper kites by made by joel images (1) simple-delta-kite-2