to let it die..

don’t ..

don’t pluck this

from its roots..

to let it die


let it shrivel

let it wither away..

curse it..

blame it..and

let it dry through veins

let the serum harden

let it drain

to the last drop of moisture

let the wilt

reach to

the wet dreams of

green life, red bud, pink flowers

yellow filaments and

colourful touch of


let it end the hope

gradually ..

let it bend its bone

lose its firmness

stir the confidence

and shatter the stamina


let it turn


let it become

lifeless body

useless matter

let it realize

how big,

how undeniable,


and unforgettable

the mistake was


let it be an example

for all

who ever commit the sin


wanting the unwanted

desiring the undesirable

dreaming the inaccessible

expressing the inexpressible

feeling the genuine

being disgraceful

to what was allowed

being forgetful

to what was not allowed

let it repent for

being candour

leave it..

with the dirt, the sand, the rocks

with the choices it made

let it become limp

let it lose its substance

let its withering soul know

the truth

don’t let it just feel plucked up

let it fear to dream again..

let it sag its desires

let it see failure

let it kill itself

the most beautiful hopes

let it live like this

to let it die..