What that Warmth …?


you realize,

the eyes;

watching you sad and crying,

craving for your smile..


the words;

spoken to motivate,

to inject nectar in your veins

yet finding peace

in your silly verbal fights…


the touch;

the feeling of stand by,

in all steps, in every race of life

walking along when you’re alone

you slip or see surfaces slide

and hanged … you feel

the warmth ..

visible as in forehead lines

and in gripped those hands tight ..

pulling you over, out of the pit..



the silence;

when you can see..

in the layered conversations

the hidden few bare words

words of trust, truth and tears

when you do not need any explanation..



in every damn thing you are surrounded..

with or without being with one

you feel safe..

you see your whole world within..


a single moment changes

your universe

your dreams, your desire,

your phenomenon..forever,

Lost will be

your purpose

of all the prayers and wishes..


it makes you strange to your own

the moment..

my friend!

believe that..

you have actually lived up

sensibly, truly

a moment of ‘warmth’

thought where is its’ origin?


is it the strange fire in us?

burns in..

deep in heart?

when flames go up..

and bursts into light and warmth..

is it real or divine?

is feeling the warmth feeling the soul itself?

oh yes ‘soul’ – but not one…

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