if only

I remember myself

trusting the world


in a fit of happiness

sparing the world

for all its little-big sins.

While in the warmth of love

closed my eyes,

watched happiness alive

with my fingers,

I could touch the smiles

it felt my body soaking up life

and laughter soaking all pains

relieved feeling uplifted

like drunken

heavenly flying potion.

In the tickles and the toodles

measured whole universe

and its liveliness..

I could see my soul jumping up,

touching sky, catching stars

juggling snowy moon

crossing all summers and winters

wrapped up

in a single moment..



if only…

I could hold up,

the same..

I could live again

I could see circulate life in my veins…

Just once in those arms, hugged up..

If only..












cute babies hugging- photoforu.blogspot.com