what is it?

what is it?

driven by something?

rushing moments

days pass by

months keep on counting

years disappear…


a single spot is timeless

to add to the whole black

a soul is in silent shock

witnessing the body

running wildly,


to touchdown the end..


that leaving you clueless


no sense of pain

no time to watch

the pits you jumped up

the ladders you skipped

by will or by rush?

rush to move on..

to carry forward

a blind march

that never stops..

pauses at deathbed

bang bang!

ever thought?

where heading up?

and why?

the purpose?

is it really what you

planned for?

is it deal you coined

after years of your

metal meltdown

suppressed desires

filtered dreams

sacrificed choices?

is it a racing track?

is your life a race?

do you have time to think?

think – what is it?

images (1) running_man_postcard-r0c67c21f12494595b7813887002d446d_vgbaq_8byvr_512


6 thoughts on “what is it?”

    1. Thanks for the read and for your comments Shakti.

      We call this endless journey ‘Our life’ and we don’t really understand what is it…
      my question to all, what do we really do and why? what is the thought behind and why? and how should we plan it ..? some have reasons, for some they are satisfactory, for some they not. We think of it most of the times and then forget and remain clueless the whole life span of the eternal truth .. and this was towards a search, a quest of the “Truth” and the question remains the same …”What is it”…. ?


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