Soulful thanks Diana for Friday Pick 61

Friday Pick 61.

Friday Pick 61

What can I say about Soulful?  She’s edgy  in a way. She possesses a raw  honesty and I am drawn in by her poems; left with feeling  more than literal  understanding of words– if that even makes sense! The topics she explores are a bit scary, perhaps even dark. She takes me places I wouldn’t venture on my own. I selected a poem I read a few days ago below but you really must also check out the one she posted yesterday!

In Soulful’s own words:

Soulful is me…
my quest is for a sky
sky so big and high..
where my wings can unfold
and fill in air to fly

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

This post explores what drives life, particularly in those who may have to try harder than most…

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What is driving Life by Soulful


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what is it?

what is it?

driven by something?

rushing moments

days pass by

months keep on counting

years disappear…


a single spot is timeless

to add to the whole black

a soul is in silent shock

witnessing the body

running wildly,


to touchdown the end..


that leaving you clueless


no sense of pain

no time to watch

the pits you jumped up

the ladders you skipped

by will or by rush?

rush to move on..

to carry forward

a blind march

that never stops..

pauses at deathbed

bang bang!

ever thought?

where heading up?

and why?

the purpose?

is it really what you

planned for?

is it deal you coined

after years of your

metal meltdown

suppressed desires

filtered dreams

sacrificed choices?

is it a racing track?

is your life a race?

do you have time to think?

think – what is it?

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‘real to eyes’ – realize

How so?

where did you draw this from?

how come this is..

so delicious?

so melting, so soft?

so tasteful, delightful

so raw and neat?

a recipe ..

mix of sour and sweet

pinch and peer

truth and tear

rough and dear

smile and cheer

recipe of life….

with a cupful of desires

mixed with emotions

resulting a ‘solution’…

‘solution’ for a bagful of problems

taste happiness, satisfaction

strange yet beautiful,

desirable and how?

too many questions

just one answer – ‘to realize’


realize life is too short to cry

and too big to laugh

realize time never repeats

realize beauty lies in words

realize to never stop, never quit, never give up

realize to head up and high

realize dreams are future reality

realize self worth.. Accept and Love!

realize Life’s utmost!

a recipe so tasteful

is a need to realize

to make everything ‘real to eyes’.