let life happen..


can’t hold up

can’t slip away

can’t only stare

the footprints disappear

move every moment

no turn, no see ..

there no signs,

no happenings

no memories, no glee

keep walking…

Smile or sigh

play or hide..

Sun shines everyday,


Sounds of nature,

soul soothing, vibrant..

birds chirp

herds chorus

insects beep

loud or low

thee endure

in the flow

Sights of life,

full of wisdom..

trees blow their heads

leaves plan to quit

every season

they change the course

branches swing

break and

grow again

every single day

week, month or year

accept ..

Soak up..

hold on


oh creature!

let life happen.

Woman-staring-into-breeze-wind-Jan-12-p111 -Brunettes-Women-Landscapes-Nature-Models-Fields-Outdoors-Spikelets-Fresh-New-Hd-Wallpaper-- bful picture