What is driving life?

In blue wrap around

In muddy fields,

She struggles with crops and grain

Heavy rain,

Few empty stomachs, dried eyes

Waiting for her to return

In the pain

Her sweat is washed away

Her sore throat is voiceless

This every day’s unquenchable thirst of her

Is driving life.


Give me a reason to live

He feels soaking up heat

Kissing the blazing sun

Dragging a cart, dancing with dust

Skin burnt and wrinkled

Waited long for the wind

To cool down

Through pores to the veins

Through skin to the bones

A desire for small shelter for him

Is driving life.


A rag picker boy

A day nightingale girl on streets

A candy seller kid in the fair, bus or train

The solitude in their lives

The need of belongings

The force of hunger

The burden on their shoulders

Is driving life.

Rag Picker 8831E1EBD9C701DA7C5B8581D326 img_2347 Farmer works in a paddy field on the outskirts of Agartala