so technical!

so crispy




life is now – a – days

racy, lankier

adorned yet ragged

shiny yet shagged


speak lot, feel less

show more, care less

run hard, break less

smart big, savage less

canny world with uncanny mind state

strangers more, known less

Use proxies, speak codecs

behaviour autoset

character programmed

setting benchmarks

bodies autobot

marching to next level

touching heights

So we have all become

all of a sudden

more machine

less human

together we move

together we greet

we cherish,

today is our world

so fast, so advanced

expanding, spending,

evolving,  rising

it is material,

and is mechanical

yet typical it is..

hard to believe

life today.. is


So technical!

images Install_love_by_i_c_3 Installing-Love technicallove

12 thoughts on “so technical!”

  1. speak lot, feel less

    show more, care less

    run hard, break less

    smart big, savage less

    Yes. Well said.

    Technology, in some way or the other introduces/keeps too many binary realtionships and resulting in knowing too many people and believing less 🙂

    Actually, these days people just dont respect the traditional facts and point the technological development in turns disrespect the beliefs .

    People live,talk in binary mode these days.!

    Liked all these lines!

    1. Thanks Karthick 🙂 the whole life we try to find the answer of one question, that is, how should we live exactly? and we realize when our life comes to an end. The real answer is, wherever you are, whatever you do, whomsoever you are with, just be happy and keep them happy … “Happy within heart”. Its tough but far easier than finding at the moment of end of life and realizing that we could have done this or that. ..

      “So technical!” is just detail of life with technology and changed perspectives, expectations, emotions and way of life. And somewhere I try to draw a line between the expected expression (of all time) and expression provided (current time).

      The need of love, assurance, support, being instinctive was, is and will be the same in all periods.

      and That we should not make so material…. So technical!

  2. rofl =)) seriously lizzy I couldn’t have said this in a better way \m/ n aubots r still mine 😛 😛 i so loved dis 😀 ❤ + i can't find d drivers of Love 😛

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