life was mess but It was alive


you last time felt it?

felt what?


dried lips

jammed bolts

bones fragile

skin cold

face beaten

eyes froze

head emptied


why this blank?


without soul

body in motion

silhouette stopped

what kept me all engrossed


I wish I could make a wish,

wish to undo

and turn the time

get back to the life,

a life full of

contempt, hate, complain

yet freedom, respect, gain

everyday’s challenge to touch sky

make new plans and dream high

live the moments,


desire, inseparable

dream, undisguised

life was mess but

It was alive..


Capture lilies-wallpaper-orange-wallpapers-floral-flowers-mound

24 thoughts on “life was mess but It was alive”

  1. “discrete..

    without soul

    body in motion

    silhouette stopped

    what kept me all engrossed”

    This context is really good.

    I completely agree with “life was mess but

    It was alive..”

    Something like what gates had stated in a interview ” Life is not fair, get used to it”

    Good one chitra. Congrats.

      1. 🙂 Cool. Carry on. Once we could understand this, may be thats the day we get to know the maturity level in us 🙂

  2. How do you link “being alive” to ‘a life full of contempt, hate, complain’ ? What is the connection between these aspects and ‘freedom, respect, gain everyday’s challenge to touch sky make new plans and dream high live the moments,…’? Could this be due to an underlying belief waiting to be reviewed?


    1. Hi Shakti, thanks for reading, reviewing and questioning.. 🙂
      I am happy to answer that the words I used here have an understanding and very deep relation between contempt, hate and complain and freedom, respect and gain… your eyes might have seen the relation between dark and light, the existence of light removes the possibility of dark and the absence of light increases chances for the dark, likewise and in even more elaborated way, where you witness complains, contempt and hate there will be a desire emerging for freedom, a desire to break it down and this strong desire begets opportunities and success and gain… And many more…

      I hope that my explanation will satisfy your query. I would be happy to answer more questions.

      Thanks again for your time 🙂

    2. Also being alive is just not being in good condition without feeling any pain, hatred and any revolt .. being alive means you have been a part of everything that has happened to you and good or bad you reacted and learnt the best ways out of it and ultimately got success… being alive means being strong during struggle and in the end enjoy the success.. That is what I meant …

  3. Oh I like the staccato style here… totally set the pace of the poem!
    Yup, whatever it be – dull, vengeful, piercing, hurtful, soothing, whatever – it certainly is LIFE indeed, which not many are quite as lucky to live, much less enjoy..
    So, bring it on, I say! The horns are mine to take! 🙂

    A good read.. with lots of emotion and “soul”

    1. Also I agree with your point that Life is indeed mixture of pain and comfort.. without pain there is no value of comfort and without dullness there is no realization of the times we enjoy.. this mixture keeps us alive and thats what is being missed by Soulful 🙂

      Thanks for your understanding and love towards the words used … \m/ 🙂

  4. i due splendidi gigli sono le due facce dell’esistenza quella oscurata e quella in piena luce, così si svolge la vita, così ho letto le belle immagini in poesia che hai dato
    piacere di averti conosciuta

    1. @ventisqueras the two beautiful lilies are two sides of existence that obscured and that in full light and life takes place, so I read the beautiful images in poetry that you have given pleasure to meet you..

      Thanks.. 🙂

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