so technical!

so crispy




life is now – a – days

racy, lankier

adorned yet ragged

shiny yet shagged


speak lot, feel less

show more, care less

run hard, break less

smart big, savage less

canny world with uncanny mind state

strangers more, known less

Use proxies, speak codecs

behaviour autoset

character programmed

setting benchmarks

bodies autobot

marching to next level

touching heights

So we have all become

all of a sudden

more machine

less human

together we move

together we greet

we cherish,

today is our world

so fast, so advanced

expanding, spending,

evolving,  rising

it is material,

and is mechanical

yet typical it is..

hard to believe

life today.. is


So technical!

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life was mess but It was alive


you last time felt it?

felt what?


dried lips

jammed bolts

bones fragile

skin cold

face beaten

eyes froze

head emptied


why this blank?


without soul

body in motion

silhouette stopped

what kept me all engrossed


I wish I could make a wish,

wish to undo

and turn the time

get back to the life,

a life full of

contempt, hate, complain

yet freedom, respect, gain

everyday’s challenge to touch sky

make new plans and dream high

live the moments,


desire, inseparable

dream, undisguised

life was mess but

It was alive..


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a language of silence..

A language, ecstatic

Blissful, charming,

Quenching, drenching

talks, without words

Splashing, showering

Thirsty heart, empty head

Just one desire being led

brown or black

Your eyes are a deep sack

Let me read your dreams

you see that I can’t see

What you see through’em

only could promise,

I be a part of’em

blinked your eye lids

like flakier snow

had slowly fallen

and collapsed with snow..

and the wind had tried

blow it up again in the sky

..it touched the sky or not

it touched me a lot

gracious, merciful

your eyes speak marvel


a language,

I read, no one else can

the way you speak,

I tried replying..

you didn’t understand

I believed instincts

it never helped.


It suffocates,

you don’t understand

you don’t read, what you speak

you.. really?

this world, your creation

of our silent conversation

was the only thing I had

now..I don’t..

I read it again..

I try to read it again..

I tried..

no one at the doors.. knocking! panting!

silence.. sigh!


T’was a choice of silence

T’was realized

T’wasn’t apt


language of silence..


in silence..

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