a part of quicksand …

“Strangest you loved..

called my name

sat along

held my hand

walked together

showed me path

crossed maples

lit the lamps

I followed blindfold

you made me forget

every other thing in the world

you came closer,

you placed yourself

in my heart..

irreplaceable.. your stature

you asked me to stand

in the middle of the land

I could never guess

you could have left me..

in quicksand..


can’t move further

neither can go back

day or night

crept slowly

stuck deeper

you never looked back

you felt no pain

you never noticed

I watched you in tears

I was yet to move and ask for the hand

the hand I wanted to grasp

in the most needful

sad, shocked and


I was..

with no choice

waiting to be drowned

to be dragged

by the force

a touch  – warm, sticky

and close touch

making me feel

the need of my life

my existence

that matters..

though not as breathing soul

but as a shiny,


dusty, cold

as a part of death,

a part of new life

a part of new world..

a part of new timespan


you made me..

a part of quicksand.”



“Tis my heart”


Tis (It is) full,

Tis complete.

filled with love

love spurting out

every hour it feels thrust..

splash of over spilling emotions

takes it to a place

where one and alone, and mine

heart fights and thrown off.

Tis splattered with mud

of your hate, questions,

distrust and judgement

Tis not yet broken

Tis not empty, Tis not barren

Tis immerse into the mud,

soaks up the warmth in cold

Tis refills everytime

with hope.. and love

Tis pouring out again..

Tis  my heart..


hold_my_heart_by_Braq heart




“As not to be believed in, is the most painful of everything”

What is that?


the most painful?


is it a feeling?

a realization?

very first time,

when you come to know

a fact that

nobody believes you..

Isn’t it painful?


a feeling of falling with a thud

by a slightest stroke of the wind

from high to low

low to nothing

you are not believed in

like you are never existed


all your phenomena

was a dream

your past was a past

your future is dark

when you see yourself with other’s eyes

you see nothing…


nothing at all.


Don’t you need to crack it?

crack the shell!

and come out now…

dust your body and get away!!!

don’t give them a right

a right to stare you

to measure you

to scale you

to test you

to judge you

to pierce you

to kill your soul

every while


don’t choose them

who beseech you to stay close

so they can stab you easily, cut you inside

poison your heart

stir your mind

make you sad then feel alive


move away..

they never try to understand

the simplest of a thing

you are just the way you are..

you never ask anything but

a belief,

a belief in your existence

in your life

in your love, affection, care

and in you..


get a new life

new horizon

new belief..

as not to be believed in

is the most painful of everything…

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