‘morning perfection’ – a song

A coalition



smiling faces and

morning perfection..


just a look and

life sweetened

strong attraction

morning perfection


soul touching – heart beating

body trembling

blood threatening

played emotions

in such condition

love poured,

joy filled in

right proportion

morning perfection


coming over the days darkened

every moment

when dreams broken

keeping promise

in the worsened

my hand in your hand

morning perfection


its’ just you and me

against the world of

humane – inhumane


my eyes and your vision

your mouth and my words

my body, your pain

your heart and my strength

you believe, I believe

you live and relieve

me in distress..


distrusted my world

tuned with jingles

of motivation, inspiration..

is it a power

to empower

many lives in just seconds




deep love ..

within hearts

morning perfection…


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