‘So hard to hide’

That dropping smile

behind a painted face

hidden a ‘world’ ..


‘world’ of

boiling desires

magma under crust

intimacy and gravity inside

the heat and the grooves

so hard to hide…

pretended every moment

faced the life’s utmost

brave or coward you resisted

revealing truth

little had you

assumed to grow

with nothing to sow

seedless, soil-less,

seek moist of snow


fought with odds

the bud out was a ‘desire’..


‘desire’ to hold

firm – gripped

Yet unable

expressionless, tight-lipped


Pull over

come and see

the other side burnt

in a fiery desire ..  to hold you back

to hold your  hand


Awaited .. so long

longing the other will know

sometimes – ‘someday’


‘Love’ at both sides 

pointless is to reveal


so hard to hide..

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