‘no clue’


easy is ..

a day with regular lies

tough is..

a truth-mouth

an unexpected guest.


Possibility of Possible,

looks impossible

Honesty out of sight

Integrity extincted.


you deal with these noble hearts’

full of filth in veins ..

what foundation in your parcel lays

to attract dust minds?


Once face them,

Pay a toll

with a disagreement..

in existence of warmth &

divinity in the world.


Their carved path of success

is made of boulders of dried tears

piles of suppressed dreams

each milestone



rising from ashes of




solitude wins the game

by increasing darkness

in each episode

I need the answer of..

when to turn and get back?

to the origin,

to the values ..

that we are made of


reply is ..


‘no clue’









11 thoughts on “‘no clue’”

  1. Liked it. Very much especially ” tough is..

    a truth-mouth

    an unexpected guest”

    You have played very well with the words. Perfect vocabularies again..Also ended very well

    “to the origin,

    to the values ..

    that we are made of’

    Way to go chitra!

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