just a word.. ‘goodbye’

every word fell..

from your mouth

jammed me head to roots

stared.. I refused to move

so easy was to say..

for you

Was it the word?

spinning in your mind

from a long time

wobbled in your stomach

stuck at throat

what stopped you so long..

confusion faded trust

and warmth

Little did I know

your will

was to say it ..

what made other thing


unseen ..

turned you unchangeable


no eye clutched

saw you turning

and disappearing

like Sun hides

laying dark effects on

a shiny day..

just by saying

.. a word




13 thoughts on “just a word.. ‘goodbye’”

  1. This is painful! Really~

    Not sure if this happened in real life or it is a created scenario.

    Hope the other side of the pain gonna be fantastic and peaceful! Anything can turn back…

    Lets us hope for the best luck!

    This is so good .. stirred my inner thoughts!

  2. I am sorry for all painful words I used here.. real or dramatic, situation is painful.

    It differs from person to person… dramatic for one can be real for the other… cant say..
    To dig out soul is the sole purpose of Soulful.

    Thanks all for liking it.

  3. awesome words linked together ..that filled my heart with emotion

    i like this lline “”no eye clutched

    saw you turning

    and disappearing””

    keep righting 🙂 we will keep reading 🙂 its a promise 🙂

  4. although epitome of these lines are sad but everyone will find oneself connected to it.Simple yet engaging 🙂

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