‘morning perfection’ – a song

A coalition



smiling faces and

morning perfection..


just a look and

life sweetened

strong attraction

morning perfection


soul touching – heart beating

body trembling

blood threatening

played emotions

in such condition

love poured,

joy filled in

right proportion

morning perfection


coming over the days darkened

every moment

when dreams broken

keeping promise

in the worsened

my hand in your hand

morning perfection


its’ just you and me

against the world of

humane – inhumane


my eyes and your vision

your mouth and my words

my body, your pain

your heart and my strength

you believe, I believe

you live and relieve

me in distress..


distrusted my world

tuned with jingles

of motivation, inspiration..

is it a power

to empower

many lives in just seconds




deep love ..

within hearts

morning perfection…


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‘and Lord never told’

Stone seems smoother
frost seems warmer
no match to your heart..
I try to keep my breath and blood
in place

struggle with soul
keeping me calm
drowning me deep
dunging steep..

followed me near
that fear
of loosing
some precious
very warm, soothing..

something to store, to keep,
was a desire
that’s burnt
to ashes and smoke..

was watched crying
shedding tears
and screams

everyday’s nourishing dreams
left in sighs


hidden was the game of Lord..
I never understood
and lord never told..

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‘So hard to hide’

That dropping smile

behind a painted face

hidden a ‘world’ ..


‘world’ of

boiling desires

magma under crust

intimacy and gravity inside

the heat and the grooves

so hard to hide…

pretended every moment

faced the life’s utmost

brave or coward you resisted

revealing truth

little had you

assumed to grow

with nothing to sow

seedless, soil-less,

seek moist of snow


fought with odds

the bud out was a ‘desire’..


‘desire’ to hold

firm – gripped

Yet unable

expressionless, tight-lipped


Pull over

come and see

the other side burnt

in a fiery desire ..  to hold you back

to hold your  hand


Awaited .. so long

longing the other will know

sometimes – ‘someday’


‘Love’ at both sides 

pointless is to reveal


so hard to hide..

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‘no clue’


easy is ..

a day with regular lies

tough is..

a truth-mouth

an unexpected guest.


Possibility of Possible,

looks impossible

Honesty out of sight

Integrity extincted.


you deal with these noble hearts’

full of filth in veins ..

what foundation in your parcel lays

to attract dust minds?


Once face them,

Pay a toll

with a disagreement..

in existence of warmth &

divinity in the world.


Their carved path of success

is made of boulders of dried tears

piles of suppressed dreams

each milestone



rising from ashes of




solitude wins the game

by increasing darkness

in each episode

I need the answer of..

when to turn and get back?

to the origin,

to the values ..

that we are made of


reply is ..


‘no clue’










just a word.. ‘goodbye’

every word fell..

from your mouth

jammed me head to roots

stared.. I refused to move

so easy was to say..

for you

Was it the word?

spinning in your mind

from a long time

wobbled in your stomach

stuck at throat

what stopped you so long..

confusion faded trust

and warmth

Little did I know

your will

was to say it ..

what made other thing


unseen ..

turned you unchangeable


no eye clutched

saw you turning

and disappearing

like Sun hides

laying dark effects on

a shiny day..

just by saying

.. a word