our unending journey..

me, you and horizon

no less to a heaven..

warmth of our hands gripped

kept us heated

with a desire to touch ..

..the destination led by roads

full of dust, thorns and stones..

together we measured..

length of  million lives.. a million times

in seconds..

lost in eye-lands

we surpassed every pass..

..rocks and plates

nothing could keep us ..away

no gulches, no ravines..

together we marched.

and never changed 

the way.. I fear and you boost

you burn, I sooth

I regret, you thank

I complain, you explain

you shout, I cry

I cry, you melt

you melt, I smile

you smile, I melt..



Smile that..

made me forget every other curve

on our unending journey..

Warmth that ..

couldn’t stop me crossing

bridges .. of

interwoven, intermingled

rules, questions, hatred ..

redeemed we went on

careless of



undesirable fate..

quenched our painful thirst

with ocean of tears

sky witnessed drop

of every tear shed..

..onto path of sublimity,


purity, that turned tears  into crystals

of the abode of dreams..

our dreams..

our promises..

to last forever


our journey

to go on

and on



9 thoughts on “our unending journey..”

  1. Wow! So Romantic.

    “quenched our painful thirst

    with tears of ocean

    sky witnessed drop

    of every tear shed..

    ..onto path of sublimity,


    purity, that turned tears into crystals

    of the abode of dreams..

    Absolutely poetic…Liked this! I immersed in the poem when i read . loved the ending part.!

    Impressive~! Way to go lady! Rock on !

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