So discouraging..

So discouraging..

you see

your closed ones

Judging you

very moment .. you try to be just you

their wit dies..

You crossed your lines, showed your instincts

You are  judged a stupid character

A kind criminal

You will be in prison – of rules…

Rules they made – many of’em

you are bound to be quiet

Each and every word you speak,

will be used against you

how can you chose to be innocent and stupid before them?


How could you?

They are the Closest-one,

chosen-one, loved-one

And you behaved stupidly?


What happened to their being of known-one

Why don’t they get you?

Is it a sign of

knowing nothing about you?

or a sign knowing nothing about anything?

They kept witnessing

your abilities,

and dis-abilities

forever and …

now they question who are you.

Why are you like this?

What is your type?

do you answer?

Why do you need to show ?..

every while ..

everywhere that


..have a way out

..have a vision of life

..can see world with your glittering eyes

..have dreams

..have a past, present and future

..have a soul

..can judge but you don’t..

and YOU TOO is a child of Him


the holiness of all, the most sacred of all

the most loved and worshipped

the almighty



No rituals before him.. no need to act..

He never judges,

loves you for who you are

He created you to learn

see the world with His eyes..

He blesses you.. He pours his power on you..

each and every action of yours


a live proof of His being and


you are not wrong

when you chose to be JUST YOU

Iisten to your heart … Its no crime

its just you..

loving and caring

an image of your pure soul,

HIS pure soul..



so discouraging

while you forget this fact