Seeing smoke?

a fight


causes fire in my heart and mind

I can see..around

rapid, misty, hazy

swirly smoke

mocking over

my desire ..

desire to want to overcome

every second

when every second thought is..

to snuff it

to crush down

the most defeatist of all

I never felt so helpless


so shameless, so stone-heart,

so devastating

of you.

and I,

want to reach

at the terminus

of your programme..


I lit candle of hope,


greatness of all

all the energies unite

to breed..

calmness, peace, 

wisdom and belief


focused.. I listen to the crunches

induced by

the emergence of

an immortal

streak of courage

in me..

I can now drag you to the battlefield

smash your face

twist you around

hit you badly.

All I can do

to clear my blurry vision..

is to fire you


see turning you to ashes and smoke

with no body and no soul

that is you..


PS: To my dear beloved FEAR!