today, I notice..

today, I notice..


a little tint of pink

on your cheeks

even without a make up..

glittering eyes like diamonds

in the dark

i am surprised to see you

blowing like wind

flowing like young stream

I know when you fell from high peak

into the ocean…

diving deep ..

stirring bubbles every second

mixing with

every drop of ocean..

every moment I saw you

striving hard to come to surface


kicking and fisting the water layers

gulping salts with bubbles

It brings me smile

today when I notice

you exalt ..

inhale the fresh air

and exhale the pains

your body ..

pumping up the energy

and supplying the bliss


life, indeed is incredible

we shatter in happiness..

but we smile in pain

all we need to

go through dark..

to see lights with new eyes

and new hope..


I see hopes and courage


in your eyes

and in your every move

life blistering

today, I notice..