Let me LIVE!!

I also want to enjoy festivals and new year time… without any fear, without any insecurity and without any inferiority .. I also want to take my breath in a free country and have a safe feeling when I am around people or alone…. I am a girl.. in India.. and I am thinking this way even after these many years after freedom. Let me be a part of the respected and valued society.. I am not a thing to use and throw like garbage 😐 :-/ let me breathe freely… let me speak .. let me try to smile .. .. Let me LIVE!!



7 thoughts on “Let me LIVE!!”

  1. This is some-what to be noted upon. I believe everyone takes their pledge in their schools till 17.The question is have we ever realized what are we pleading upon. May be we need to add these similar sentence in the pledges. Problems has to be ethically solved I would say

    #You have written a pledge. I respect!

  2. Chitra, you have God-given value and dignity that no Man, government, or institution can take away. It was bought with a price and given freely to you. The circumstances may not be fair; but the truth of who you are is still true – special and valued. That is the way God and I will always see you. (Forgive me for getting carried away here; your post and the comments moved me in spirit and heart.) I hope you take the time to read through Shift Key; I know abuse and I also know healing. Take care.

  3. This is a beautiful and impassioned piece. The statistics in your photograph were mind boggling!!! I wish that everyone would read it and take it to heart.

    (thank you for visiting me today)

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