Unfinished dreams

do you know?

why do you love to live in dream?

yes, you do.

after a rugged day

a day like an year long..

you feel like


chopped, crushed,

dragged to your bed..

all you want to close

you eyes..

every day you pretend to forget the pain

by closing your eyes?

everything you are tired to hold

do you really want

to let it slip every day?

from your hand

each responsibility, every single duty

all boundaries.. and every limit

do you really want to cross?

yes, you do.


Unfinished dreams

waters, blue and deep

you sink in and forget everything real..

every emotion and desire

that frame another world

more real than the one exists

more beautiful,

more convincing


your crimson heart

pumps up joys to your body again..

mind filters satisfaction from..

every work finished in the unknown world

every laughter, shine and glory

of the dream..

do you know this will be blown away?


just like wind?

do you?

yes, you do.

still the thirst ..

for the unknown and unreal glory

that forces you ..

to finish up and laid down

even the worst of the day

its passes on.

and you smile

finishing your supper

like you know

what job is next to be done..

and you know what?

yes, you do…