Let me LIVE!!

I also want to enjoy festivals and new year time… without any fear, without any insecurity and without any inferiority .. I also want to take my breath in a free country and have a safe feeling when I am around people or alone…. I am a girl.. in India.. and I am thinking this way even after these many years after freedom. Let me be a part of the respected and valued society.. I am not a thing to use and throw like garbage 😐 :-/ let me breathe freely… let me speak .. let me try to smile .. .. Let me LIVE!!




I cant cry in the public eye

I cant cry in the public eye


I cry in solitude.

I cry when I can ..

..roll tears on my cheeks

..give a try not to cry but then again

..feel weaker and weakest

..see my arms wipe out the water

wetting the cloak

..not be able to stop the fall

..smother my cries and sighs

breathing guilt of doing..

something in vein..

cursing myself..

blaming for the crime nobody committed

blindly tapping here there..

try to crush things before eyes..

try to recognize face traumatized

sudden noise..

broke the silence

know not to show up

listened to the voice ..

coming to ears but not to mind

tried to remove every evidence of cry

..all redness and moisture

and every single silhouette

of darkness in soul and mind


I am not so lucky ..

to stop the cries

yet not so lucky to hide..

it showed up

but I smile

it could not reveal

the truth

or the lie..


I cant cry in the public eye..



Unfinished dreams

do you know?

why do you love to live in dream?

yes, you do.

after a rugged day

a day like an year long..

you feel like


chopped, crushed,

dragged to your bed..

all you want to close

you eyes..

every day you pretend to forget the pain

by closing your eyes?

everything you are tired to hold

do you really want

to let it slip every day?

from your hand

each responsibility, every single duty

all boundaries.. and every limit

do you really want to cross?

yes, you do.


Unfinished dreams

waters, blue and deep

you sink in and forget everything real..

every emotion and desire

that frame another world

more real than the one exists

more beautiful,

more convincing


your crimson heart

pumps up joys to your body again..

mind filters satisfaction from..

every work finished in the unknown world

every laughter, shine and glory

of the dream..

do you know this will be blown away?


just like wind?

do you?

yes, you do.

still the thirst ..

for the unknown and unreal glory

that forces you ..

to finish up and laid down

even the worst of the day

its passes on.

and you smile

finishing your supper

like you know

what job is next to be done..

and you know what?

yes, you do…





a mirage

“when I turn my back

and watch closely..

the ladders of my life, i stepped up..

the queue of incidents .. happened to me

I find myself

weaving dreams

to fly very high

struggling every moment

and yet watching myself

drowning ..

into the deep ocean of tears

and failure ..

It showed a streak of hope..

every time

shining like gold..

hope for the fulfillment

of the desires

I could see myself

trying hard

to clutch the momentary joys

to save laughter for long

and to win

yet deceived by fate

feeling emptiness and dryness of hope

and when

I killed all my dreams ..

for next step..

I could watch life

to con me again

with a fresh desire

to smile again..

and when I know .. what game it played

yet ..

I cant recognize

what is it in me?

so filling and positive?

a surge of new hope

for some thing better..

I cant help it..

even if I know

it is self deception


it is..

a mirage”