“Its my time”

“Its my time”

said this train..

A train whistling and growling..

passing through my window…

I can look outside..

sitting on my bed

I can feel the “time” passing by

This never looked so momentary like now

this always passed very slow

Sometimes this felt like never passed

from a long time….

Spending time with myself ..

I could see crossing seasons in a few hours…

No calendar could alter my days..

no clock can alter my time..

I can’t see through this window..

In a moment why is this dark outside?

Is it night ?

or eclipse for a while?

Or longer?

I believe of the day

When I can hold the sun for whole day..

When I can close eyes in dark nights

and open only when light comes in the morning..

when I can

Rise like a bird..

Chirp and sing like bird

Fly and spin like bird

When I can also knock on my window like a bird..



I see again this train..


And I can feel the intensity..

Longing for a time..

When I also can say

“Its my time”