Searching for..

Searching for..
the soul I lost
the flesh and the matter
… buried under skin
the heart …full of love
the eyes …full of hopes
the self made image of the world
happiness all around
smiling closed ones
empty mind
plenty of time
sleeping on the roof
staring at stars
making plans
dreaming high ..
smiling everytime
..without any reason

Searching for
the time
when I had nothing but
I thought the whole world was my own
the sun rose for me
wind blown & water flown for me..

the flower bloomed at my one sign
the trees danced with me

all I need to collect
the treasure from the past
zip into my purse..
and lock into my heart
the sadness, the tiredness, the gravity,
the sigh, the longing,
the tears, the grief,
the mist, the fog,
the death, the rogue,
this is not what I was..
Searching for…