you listened..

you listened
when I cried,
i saw my tears swept ..
by some hands
you smiled, i smiled
i felt this depth ..
within the soul,
when my voice choked up
you listened to the beats of my heart
and my friend you made my world beautiful
as you stepped into it..
you got the ears to listen to
all unspoken words..
unrevealed truths…
unexpressed emotions
unknown and supressed dreams..
you listened..





I smile all day..

I laugh on jokes

sitting with people

sharing all folks

reminding each other works to be done

following time lines

forgetting world

seeking results

praying God

focus on stars to be put on the coats

rewards and appraisals

seeking good time and fun

seeking family happiness

all time tensions

finding solutions

multiple ways

fighting with the closed ones

questioning yourself

they care or they dont

your happiness never matters

for them or for your own?

do you care

I ask myself

Do I care?

what should I care

come on dear …

It’s just a different way

way of living, thinking and handling

people and things

it’s just a veggie I had

and it poisoned me

to the roots

and I still think how to grow

with green veins

blue blood

and transparent skin..

you once ask me what is this

I answer


Yes it is..