listening to me??

Listening to me??

i said ..

wait !! 

hey come on.. dont quit at this time..

you are about to reach..

may be

Hey wait!! 

listen m not sure

but still you should wait for a few more time

don’t go


please don’t..






heart feels vibrated

nerves feel cold

mind filled with blank

loosing brains



Alas you would have listened to me

we would have been together 

it was just two steps away from my feet..

we had to gather

we had to walk a few steps together

you had to wait

for a little longer




now alone

without you

m feeling hesitant

or most of the times



when i lost the most awaited..

..moment of success

just because you left me..

i couldn’t survive..

i was just a few minutes,

just a few steps,

just a few more umphs 

away from ..the winning touchdown

you lost yourself

and left me

failed ..



I missed you..

sometimes you come

sometimes you go..

can’t you hold for my tough time??

a little more..

when i need you the most..


will you ??


my dear ‘PATIENCE’

will you??



listening to me??

10 thoughts on “listening to me??”

  1. you know what it belongs to everyone , when i was reading this its like “you are toking about me “.Nice way to express your feelings towards life.I hope your PATIENCE will listen you and you will win over the tensed thought’s which is running in your mind.:)

  2. Feels lighter to read this! and also like talking to a friend!

    Yeah patience and perseverance are the two best friends I ever could have 🙂

    I wish patience “hold you embraced” forever @ Nice read!

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