reminding you…

reminding you…

of that beautiful time,

you took my hand and we crossed the road

the way you showed that you don’t care me

and cared a lot..

I found my life changing by your one smile,

i was falling,

like a water fall,

felt like smiling and

blooming like spring flower

my days full of colours

my nights full of light

i wondered

i felt like i was programmed to smile..

all while

..the days i feel,

i remember the meets

i miss the places, people and things and of course you

now i always look for you

the same as you used to be




and i expect you not asking for hand for road crossing

hold it instead

and not making me realize that you care

not showing me your love when you love

and not complaining on my reactions

not questioning on my disagreements


i wish i could find the one

in you what i seek

and i need…

and the one you really are

and this is for

reminding you..