.. Time left is less to count

.. Time left is less to count

the part im done with and the part i will do…

Good plans are not aligned yet

or the aligned are not on tracks…

moved from the origin and departed from the roots

Stranger to the past and to the present and future is no where existing..

do i need goals ?

when i question, i get the answer …

no goals can make you work on,

illuminate soul and enlighten mind ..

no one to try ..

I got a thing

less than the sky

oh i get the smiles when it comes in mind

beautiful, magical, glittering

shining like star

its a wish!

Wish to fly,

Highest in the sky

dripping in the clouds, sparking with skylight

falling with rain, blowing with winds

all beautiful dreams turned into wish..

wish turns hope and it turns the next thing

all i can see, bagful things

to start

and time left is less to count …


feeling lazy when efforts go useless

gripping tight when seeds turn into fruits

hoping for good

trying hard

drying with thirst

still working

…… on

transparent hopes and intentions

resulting fatigue

expecting impossible

leading disappointment

wishes, hopes, plans are interwoven

strive everyday to win

and get flushed all in the end of the day

its just a handful of desires

and still..

time left is less to count..


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